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Our mission is to make US healthcare payments transparent, predictable, instantaneous, automatic and affordable.

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Opkit was founded in summer 2021 by Sherwood Callaway and Justin Ko, two software engineers with a personal connection to the healthcare industry and a shared vision for improving it.

Sherwood and Justin met in early 2019 while working as early employees of Brex, the $12b financial technology startup, where together they built "Cash", a business bank account product.

Sherwood, the son of an orthopedic surgeon, grew up around the business of healthcare and was all-too-familiar with its inefficiencies. He convinced Justin to join him in creating a software product that would streamline administrative workflows for healthcare providers, starting with accepting insurance.

In July 2021, Opkit participated in Y Combinator, a leading startup accelerator.

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Opkit launches next-generation health insurance verification platform
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