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Opkit is a modern, developer-friendly health insurance verification platform used by leading organizations from across the healthcare ecosystem.

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Fast eligibility checks

The heart of the Opkit platform, electronic eligibility checks allow you to quickly determine if a patient's insurance is active and in- or out-of-network.

Accurate benefits data

Opkit returns deductibles, copays and other benefits for a huge variety of medical services - everything from therapy to surgery. Our data comes straight from the source: insurance carriers.

Streamlined user interface

Unlike EMRs, clearinghouse websites and insurance carrier portals, the Opkit web dashboard is designed for speed and ease-of-use. Verify patients' insurance in seconds with just a few clicks.

APIs for everything

Opkit is built by developers, for developers. Our platform exposes a modern, well-documented JSON REST API that allows developers to completely automate the insurance verification process.

Enterprise-grade security

Our customers trust us with their protected health information. We take this responsibility seriously. Opkit is HIPAA compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 certified and built on top of AWS, the leading secure cloud.

Hundreds of supported carriers

Opkit integrates with hundreds of insurance carriers from across the United States, including most commercial and government plans. Our software works for medical, dental and vision insurance.

Opkit powers companies at the intersection of healthcare and technology

Speed-up patient intake
Opkit gives fast-growing telehealth and virtual care companies the tools they need to perform insurance verification efficiently at scale.
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Streamline operations
Opkit helps medical practice staff get more done by automating the process of collecting patient insurance details and verifying eligibility.
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Supercharge your platform
Opkit's modern, well-documented JSON REST API makes it easy for healthcare software vendors to add robust insurance verification features to their platforms.
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Submit claims with confidence
Opkit allows revenue cycle companies to perform frequent, accurate eligibility checks, significantly reducing risk of denied claims.
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