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Never pick up the phone again

Opkit uses AI to automate routine phone calls for medical practices, telehealth companies, and other leading healthcare provider organizations, eliminating manual work and human error.

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Fast turnaround

Initiate new phone call tasks whenever you need them. Get results in hours, not days.

Accurate outputs

Collect up to 100 data points per call. Define objectives using strict data types such as string, boolean, currency, number, and more.

Various use-cases

Leverage Opkit to automate any recurring outbound phone call task, regardless of complexity or recipient.

Human fallback team

Run your practice with confidence knowing Opkit will get the job done, even when AI falls short.

Secure and compliant

Opkit is HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and built on top of Amazon Web Services, the leading secure cloud.

Streamlined web dashboard

Review call results, recordings, and transcripts with ease from within any modern web browser.

Bulk upload and download

Create and export large numbers of tasks at once with convenient bulk upload and download functionality.

APIs for everything

Unlock even higher levels of automation by tapping into Opkit's robust, developer-friendly API.

Learn more about Opkit's AI-powered phone call automation platform

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Opkit announces new platform for automating healthcare phone calls
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